09 avril 2014

National Champions 2013

National Champions  2013

Argelia CSM Constantine
Angola 1º de Agosto
Benin Elan Sport Port Novo
Botswana Troopers
Burkina Faso AS-Sonabhy
Burundi Urunani
Cameroun Condors
Congo Brazaville Inter
Egypt Sporting Alexandria
Eritreia ???????????
Ethiopia ???????????
Gabon TALI
Gambia YMCA
Ghana CEPS Braves
Guinee Conackry SLAC
Guinée Malobo Kings
Ivory Côte ABC
Lesotho Rovers BB
Liberia LPRC Oilers
Libia Al Ahly Bengazhik
Kenya CO-Bank
Madagascar ASCUT
Malawi ???????????????
Mali Stade Malien
Mozambique NOT PLAYED
Maroc WAC
Mauritania ???????????????
Namibia ?????????
Niger ???????????
Nigeria Kano Pillars
Rep. Centre Africa Tondema
Rep. Democ. Congo BC Mazembe
Rwanda Espoir
Seychelles PLS Hawkes
Senegal DUC
Sierra Leone Young Sportmen
Somalia ?????????
South Africa Tshwane Suns
South Sudan ????????
Swaziland ????????????
Sudan ???????????
Tanzania ABC
Tchad Postel 2000
Togo ????
Tunisia ESSS
Uganda City Oilers
Zambia ???
Zimbawe ??????????


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